Monday 23rd March

Good Morning

I hope you are all well.

Thank you so much for all your kind comments yesterday. They meant a lot. 

These are very unusual times download music albums for free. Our children could be scared right now. They will see and hear much, often when we think they don’t. Everything they know as safe at the moment has been completely disrupted, and inevitably they will feel the anxiety of the adults around them Download photoscape for free german windows 7. We know this time is going to be very different for them, bear with them if their behaviours change. It’s natural and to be expected, they just need you to help them understand that life is just a bit unpredictable at the moment software microsoft word kostenlos download.

I would hate that any home learning we are providing adds to this anxiety and tension. You, your child, your family do not need extra stress at this time windows 10 for usb. Please don’t argue and fall out over any of the things we have sent home, they are there as an option. Enjoy the enforced luxury of this time with your children play games, do jigsaws, have a virtual museum tour, build with Lego, junk model, look at old photos, make up stories herunterladen. Just be. For some children however, they may thrive on the structure and routines, they might be anxious about not learning they may want a daily learning task videos unter chrome herunterladen. You may find your child wants both!

Don’t worry about the academic progress at the moment. Every child in the land is in the same boat. We will fix this when this awful time is over, that’s our job german top 100 download for free.

Look after your own and your child’s emotional and mental health. This is important, what happens over the next few months will live your child for the rest of their lives, a worksheet won’t herunterladen. Don’t stress. 

You know your child, go with your gut and follow their lead. There is no script for this. Do stay in touch, we can support you apps niet automatically. Teachers will be manning their Dojo during school hours, but do bear with them…we are reliant on technology working here!

Stay safe

Mrs Wood