Information and Advice

Information and Advice

Greatstone School Nursery uses Baby’s Days online journal avast gratis downloaden. One of the many benefits of this system is our ability to use it as a way of communicating directly with parents. We can send photos, video, short messages and progress data direct to your inbox papierkorb für pc kostenlos herunterladen. Parents can also use this to send us photos and messages too!

The easiest way to access Baby’s Days is via the app that is available on both iOS and Android herunterladen. All parents have access to the system and login details are emailed out when your child starts at Nursery. You will need these details and the Domain name GSN to register using the app adobe photoshop cs5 kostenlos downloaden deutsch.

Parents must sign their child’s Nursery Contract to agreeing to the following before being allowed access to the online journal system:


I agree not to share on any form of social media any photos of my child that have been uploaded to Baby’s Days fifa 18 gratisen.

I understand that my child’s profile will be deleted once they leave Nursery.