Greatstone Primary School Nursery
Greatstone Primary School

Vision and Values

Together we Learn

Our vision

A warm welcome to our friendly school where everyone is included and nurtured. At Greatstone Primary School, it is our belief that children’s excellent progress and development are a result of nurturing the whole child and knowing each child well as an individual. We believe every child has to recognise that they are safe, happy and loved to get the best from their learning. We strive to empower each child and inspire them at this critical stage of their development.

Our values

We achieve our vision through our set of values which shape how we go about our learning each and every day and are reflected in our school rules (Ready, Respectful, Safe):




TOGETHER WE CARE – We are respectful

Our Greatstone Primary School family is part of our proud community. We recognise we all learn and develop in different ways as unique individuals. We value these differences and teach the children the importance of their uniqueness and their understanding of the individuality of others. We are devoted to learning together to achieve more. We teach the children to care for themselves, for each other, their local and global community.

TOGETHER WE DREAM – We are ready

Children play, imagine and explore and these traits are essential to develop into intelligent, creative, practical and thoughtful young people. We have high expectations of ourselves and of the children and build capacity in our school family by setting ourselves, and our children, ambitious goals in all areas of development. A new and exciting curriculum reinforces basic skills and leads to high achievement for all. Skilled and professional teaching staff ensure children are enthused about learning by making individual steps clear through fun lessons inside and outside the classroom. We see children as individuals and as such they learn in a variety of ways, supported by a variety of teaching approaches. Their skills, successes and talents are embraced as individuals and celebrated in our school community.

TOGETHER WE DARE – We are safe

We believe that all members of our school can thrive and flourish academically, socially, emotionally and physically to be the best they can possibly be. We empower our children and build their confidence in taking their next small or big step. Ensuring a child’s self-confidence, self-concept and resilience is strong will equip them during their development throughout life. It is our commitment to teach our children to take these steps in a safe and nurturing environment.

Please do not hesitate in contacting us should you wish to discuss any information on our website further or to find out more about our school. We strive to be the best possible school that we can for your child and we look forward to working with you in achieving this during their primary school life.