Visions & Values

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Visions & Values

Together through play we learn…

Our beliefs and values within the Foundation Stage promotes the Characteristics of Effective Learning, which underpin every area of a child’s development and therefore creates independent, confident and inquisitive learners for life download TV shows from mediathek. Our role as practitioners is not to fill up children with knowledge, we talk, we discover, we share what we have found out, backed up by subject knowledge and key vocabulary that we have developed through uninterrupted play filme downloaden mac. By promoting a language rich enabling environment, we as skilled practitioners encourage children to take risks, lead their own learning, follow their interests and initiate their own challenges to ensure firm foundations for life Music free online. As Mary Poppins once said, “Well begun is half done!”

How We learn

Please take a look at our Induction booklet

GSN Induction Booklet

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