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Young Governors

Young Governors and our Pupil Leadership Team

At Greatstone Primary School, we believe very strongly in our pupils having a voice in the development and improvement of our school and we invite them to be active participants in the journey of our school.

The voice of our pupils is strongly supported by our vision and values, being part of our Greatstone family means that everyone has the opportunity to share their ideas and thoughts in a respectful manner, if we want our children to be ‘mighty learning warriors’, then It’s vital they get the chance to ask challenging questions and make important decisions about the future of our school. 

Young governors

Every class from Y1- Y6 has a Young Governor that is elected by the class. Aspirational Young Governors present their manifesto to their peers before each child casts a vote. It is a fine example of democracy in action for all children.

Once elected, each governor is then presented with a badge and special school tie by our Governing Body at the beginning of the school year. They meet regularly with a senior leader to make decisions about the school and share the outcomes with the rest of their class. This year, our school governors led the process of House names in our school.

House Captains

This Autumn Term, we have introduced Houses linked to local zoos as voted for by our Young Governors, called Port Lympne, Howletts, Drusillas and Wingham. House captains are responsible for leading Sports day events and other whole school activities linked by houses. Each week, the points for each house are collected and awards are given to the winning house.

Y6 Buddies

In our school, our Greatstone family is the bedrock of all we do and being part of a family means the oldest are there to help nurture and set an example to the youngest pupils. Each Y6 child is paired up with a YR child to help settle them in, support them with their reading and be a close buddy for other activities. The close bonds the children make are ever-lasting and have a deep impression on both young and older children alike.

Greatstone Anti-bullying Policy


At Greatstone Primary school we all work together to stop bullying and create a friendly welcoming environment for whole school, to view our policy please click here or the the ‘Stop Bullying’ picture.

Young Governors Newsletters

Please click the image below to see the latest young governors newsletter.