Greatstone Primary School Nursery

Emotional Health and Well Being


We’re living in extraordinary times right now, and it can sometimes feel or be overwhelming. There is an exhaustive amount of information available about Coronavirus, and it can be hard to know where to start.  During our Emotional Health and Well Being Week, we have explored some ways that both children and parents can help to keep a Health Mind. This area of the website is a central place for you find information, resources & tools – from practical advice on how to talk about the pandemic, to tips on managing anxiety and much more.

Below are some images of stories and information that might help you understand what the Corona Virus is and why we have encountered so much change over the last few months. 

Please click on each image to find out more about each one, ‘My Hero is You’ and ‘Understanding Coronavirus for Kids’ are PDF’s for you to read.
Why are people wearing masks?

It might be strange for some of you to see people wearing masks.  You cannot see their face properly and can’t work out if they are smiling at you or not.  Here are some stories to help you understand why. Please click on each image to open an online PDF to read.

What is the same and what is different? 

There are lots of things that have changed for us but what is different and what is the same?

Is it ok to feel worried about the Corona Virus?

Of course!  It would be strange if you didn’t.  Even your grown ups have been worried about the changes and unfamiliarity of the pandemic.

I’m worried.  What can I do?

Read the following information page on tips about what to do if you feel worried.