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Greatstone School Pupil Acceptable Use Policy

This Policy applies to: All Pupils of Greatstone Primary School

Acceptance of this Policy
The registration of a pupil to use GPS IT Resources implies, and is conditional upon, acceptance of this Policy, for which a signature of acceptance may be required on joining the School Download sims full version for free.
The lack of a signature does not exempt an individual from any obligation under this Policy.
It is the responsibility of all users of GPS IT Resources to read and understand this Policy download mp3 music for free.





All pupils must follow the rules in this policy when using School computers, and other School owned services (Skoolbo, Purple Mash etc)

Pupils that do not follow these rules may find:
They are not allowed to use the computers,
They can only use the computers if they are more closely watched all files from an ftp server.

Their teachers will show pupils how to use the computers.

Computer Rules
1I will only use polite language when using the computers outlook for android download signature.
2I must not write anything that might: upset someone or give the school a bad name.
3I know that my teacher will regularly check what I have done on the school computers pbe lol herunterladen.
4I know that if my teacher thinks I may have been breaking the rules they will check on how I have used the computers before diablo 3 herunterladen installieren.
5I must not tell anyone my name, where I live, or my telephone number – over the Internet.
6I must not tell my username and passwords to anyone else but my parents free music download legal free of charge.
7I must never use other people’s usernames and passwords or computers left logged in by them.
8If I think someone has learned my password then I will tell my teacher herunterladen.
9I must log off after I have finished with my computer.
10I know that e-mail is not guaranteed to be private mp3 music for free. I must not send unnamed e-mails.
11I must not use the computers in any way that stops other people using them.
12I will report any websites that make me feel uncomfortable to my teacher or a member of staff.
13I will tell my teacher / a member of staff straight away if I am sent any messages that make me feel uncomfortable.
14I will not try to harm any equipment or the work of another person on a computer.
15If I find something that I think I should not be able to see, I must tell my teacher straight away and not show it to other pupils.

Unacceptable Use
Examples of unacceptable use include, but are not limited to:

  • Using a computer with another person’s username and password.
  • Creating or sending on the Internet any messages that might upset other people.
  • Looking at, or changing work that belongs to other people.
  • Waste time or resources on school computers.


Pupil User Agreement Form for the Pupil Acceptable Use Policy

I agree to follow the school rules when using the school computers. I will use the network in a sensible way and follow all the rules explained by my teacher.

I agree to report anyone not using the computers sensibly to my teacher.
 I also agree to tell my teacher or another member of staff if I see any websites that that make me feel unhappy or uncomfortable.

If I do not follow the rules, I understand that this may mean I might not be able to use the computers.

Pupil Name: ______________________________________________

I realise that any pupil under reasonable suspicion of not following these rules when using (or misusing) the computers may have their use stopped, more closely monitored or past use investigated.

Parent/Carers/Guardians Name: _______________________________________ Parent/Carers/Guardians

Signature: _______________________________
Date: __/__ /_____