Our Learning as Historians

We use projects to deliver humanities subject skills and understanding antivirus program free download full version kaspersky. Our projects are carefully balanced and planned to be age appropriate across the years. Project maps are produced to show how each is taught, the knowledge and skills covered and links to other parts of the curriculum kostenlose spiele zum herunterladen für pc. It is important to us that art, music, literacy and, where appropriate, numeracy and science are linked in project teaching. So, for example, a history Romans project could include urn making in art, catapult construction in design and technology and catapult testing and measuring in maths and science google foto's downloaden windows 10. Our projects have a history and geography base so that we teach location and place knowledge, weather and climate skills and knowledge and about significant historical events, people and places in our own locality kostenlos whatsapp videos downloaden. Project time also provides further opportunities to learn about people and cultures.

Mary Anning 

In their project “Why did dinosaurs become extinct?” year 1 and 2 children used the concepts of duty, care and passion to learn about dinosaurs and what led to their extinction my swisscom assistant. They researched and used artefacts to support their hypothesis. They designed and created their own museum exhibition about the dinosaurs answering their enquiry question brawlhalla. They also learned about Mary Anning.