Young Governors

Young Governors

As a school, we value consultation with our children and listen to their views. In light of this children in each class from Years 2-6, are invited to run for the responsibility of being a Young Governor

The Young governor Board will meet regularly to discuss school improvement issues along with suggestions and concerns from the school body. Miss Williams, Carole Simpson and Mrs Wood will support the Board to help make decisions that will most benefit the school.

Here are the “Matters for Discussion” notes from previous Young Governor meetings.

Monday 8th January 2018
Before the Christmas holidays, the school office were receiving many complaints regarding the use of the road leading to and from school.  Many road users were exceeding the speed limit and parking on the prohibited Zig Zag lines outside the gates.  Residents of local houses were also upset due to cars blocking access to their driveways during busy periods.
It was suggested that the Young Governors raise the awareness of safe use of the road and car park and tried to improve the situation for all.  We discussed the matter in our meeting and decided that we would encourage classes to create posters reminding drivers of the rules.  Posters were put up on surrounding lampposts and fences.  Others were dropped through doors of local houses, requesting that residents display them clearly in their windows.   Our school secretary contacted the local council who sent us banners and flyers to issue in response to the difficulties that had arisen. 
The Young Governors are confident with such a large number of children and families being made aware of the rules, that safety and consideration will prevail as we continue our journey to and from school.

Matters For Discussion