Class Dojo Update 13th November 2017

I’m a bit late with the round up of news this week, sorry!
During the week I have been in and out of classes looking at books and taking with children about their learning herunterladen. There isn’t a class I go into where the children are not keen to engage and to share. As part of our drive for independent learning and for the children to be responsible for their actions we are really focussing on our school rules and holding children to account to achieve these fira sans herunterladen. Here is a reminder of what they are:
•We will listen to and follow the instructions of all adults in school
•We will keep our hands, feet, unkind words and actions to ourselves
•We will show care, concern and kindness to each other
•We will work hard and do our best at all times
•We will look after school and other people’s belongings snipping tool for free.
At the end of Term 1 the children, along with their teachers, graded themselves as to how well they thought they were applying the rules…some interesting conversations were had videos facebook iphone!
This information is in the children’s red assertive mentoring folders which you are welcome to see when you come for Drop in (28th November 3.30pm-5pm) or Open Evenings herunterladen.
I hope you will be pleased with your children’s school photographs. I have no idea how the photographer does it…she must have taken well over 800 photographs that day; astonishing patience lieder legal downloaden!
Year 2 enjoyed an Olympic Roadshow last Tuesday and I think it’s Year 4 this week. Our sports events, such as these are funded through the government’s additional PE grant Download doom game for free. We are very lucky that Miss Gorham and Miss Calver are so fabulous in ensuring that the only is so well spent on such a broad range of activities.
We also held Football trials last week for the school football team pr download. We had 34 boys and girls attend which was excellent. We are going to go to a second round as we saw some superb talent, so from those 24 children through we shall pick a final team of 14 download new gifs.
If there are any girls from Years 4,5 or 6 who would like to be considered for a girls only team, they may come out for a trial on Friday afternoon during school time herunterladen. They must have suitable clothing and footwear. I must thank Mr Geddes, Mr Morgan-John and Mr Latty for their time in supporting us with this.
It is our intention that this School Story post will go onto our website. I believe some extended family members such as grandparents felt that without either a blog or newsletter they were missing out on knowing about the life of the school. I hope this helps.
Kind regards
Nicola Wood