Class Dojo Update 24th November 2017

I begin with huge thank you for your support for Children in Need.How amazing were the children in their costumes…I so want to bea unicorn when I grow up too download music videos for free!
Yesterday we had the final trials for the football team and from 37interested children we picked a team of 14. congratulations to:
Brooke Elliott
Blake Hambrook
George Catchesides
Hugh Priest
Alfie Benham
Vinnie Perry
Kian Spiers
Evan Bartlett
Kasyn Smith
Liam Anderson
Oliver Balogh
Reece Valler-Boorman
Thomas May
Rosie Elliott
…And a huge well done to all of the other children who came tothe trials farmville 2. Thank you for your time and efforts.
We have had a big focus in school this week around antibullying…it was national anti bullying week Download text edit. Your children mayhave spoken to you about ‘bucket filling’…it’s worth asking them ifthey haven’t!
Once again some fabulous learning this week across all classes Pc billiards for free. Ithink Jet and Jade classes couldn’t cope with the demand for theirGingerbread Men, I’m not sure they expected such interest and Iknow some children were disappointed in being unable to buyone herunterladen. Just like the story says ‘Run, run as fast as you can, you can’tcatch me I’m the Gingerbread Man!’
Don’t forget parent Drop In is the week after next wie kann ich podcast downloaden. (Tuesday 28th3.30-5pm) an opportunity to look with your child at their work andsee for yourself the great learning that is going on day in day outat school ttapp download.
Next week we have our Take Over Day. Children from years 5 and6 were invited to apply for all roles across the school. The youngGovernors, along with Mrs Simpson one of the ‘old’ Governors,selected the candidates from their anonymised application forms.It will be interesting to see if the school runs a whole lot smoothernext Friday spiele zum herunterladen auf handy!
Take care and have a lovely weekend
Mrs Wood