Class Dojo Update 14th March

Here we are rattling through Term 4 and nearly to Easter!
Here are last weeks attendance figures:
Diamond 96.8%
Jet 96.15%
Jade 93.08%
Opal 93.85%
Onyx 94.4%
Coral 96.54%
Crystal 97.69%
Ruby 93.7%
Rhinestone 94.07%
Amber 90.87%
Amethyst 96.67%
Turquoise 95.61%
Topaz 97.31%
That’s good to see the majority of classes above or close to 95%.
I hope you found last weeks parent consultations of use, I know the teachers did. Thank you once again for your understanding in having to reschedule. If you were unable to make the new date and wish to have a progress conversation with your child’s class teacher then please contact them direct via Dojo to set this up.
Thank you to our lovely year 6 hosts who kept the evening running to time.
We had our second Herald Cup football match on Friday. I think we are destined to play in the rain, it certainly was very soggy. The team played valiantly but unfortunately were up against a stronger team, who in the end were victorious with a 8-3 win. We are due to play Saltwood tomorrow and my fingers are well and truly crossed for some better weather!
I have had a polite (and reasonable) request from our maintenance team asking if parents could refrain from leaving bags of dirty nappies and dog waste hanging on the school fence.
I have also had a polite and equally reasonable request from a parent asking fellow parents not to double park at the top of the road. We really are very lucky to have such a wealth of car parking space so this really isn’t necessary.
The children seem to be loving TTRockstars. The impact on their maths is certainly beginning to show, so its well worth the practice.
Don’t forget to sign reading bookmarks so that we can move up the leaderboard of local schools in the amount of reading time we have engaged in…not that I’m competitive!
Looking forward to another good week with these great children, fabulous teachers and additional adults who never fail to amaze me.
Take care
Mrs Wood