New Year

Good afternoon.

We have had a very busy day in school preparing for the new year and it’s all looking exciting!

In the morning may I ask that the gate out side my office window is used by the new reception children only. We can then get them safely into class without the ‘free for all’ of the other children. Please can all other year groups use the gate at the top of the slope (where I normally stand) or the gate at the end of the car park (where Mrs Roberts and Mrs Kay supervise). I really appreciate your help with this, we can all remember the nervousness of the first day, both as parents and as children and I really want this to be as smooth as possible. If we could do this for at least the first two weeks that would be great. Thank you!

And just a gentle reminder: the gates don’t open until 8.45am so please do not let your child arrive before this time. They too will then be safe.