Class Dojo Update 15th January

Welcome back to what has been a great start to the new year.
You patience and understanding with our new morning arrangements have been much appreciated kfz mietvertr√§ge kostenlos downloaden. I know there have been a few ‘rants’ but the decision has been made based on improving the welfare and wellbeing of the children as they start their day, and the children will always be my priority empire earth download vollversion kostenlos deutsch.
Much exciting learning has already taken place. Coral and Crystal classes have been considering natural disasters especially after it appeared a tornado had ripped through their classrooms children's songs to!
Diamond class have become whizzes at managing money; Opal and Onyx classes are looking at the environment and in particular the hot topic of plastic waste in our oceans download fonts for free mac.
Oceans are also featuring in the learning in Jade class who are answering the question ‘would you rather live on the land or in the sea?’ India is the theme in Jet class…so much to find out about this amazing country free download.
In upper Key stage 2 Year 6 have begun their study on North American Indians while Ruby and Rhinestone also brought their geographical knowledge into play by sorting the wealth of postcards they had been receiving over the last two terms from family and friends around the world tera for free.
Amethyst and Amber began the week with the discovery of what they believed to be a meteorite. You can imagine the interest this created. It was large, located on the edge of the field and was a real inspiration and springboard for their learning quicktime player herunterladen kostenlos. Both classes began making plans to find out exactly what it was and to investigate it further. Sadly all of this potential was lost with, what we can only assume, was the theft of the object Download vat receipt. The children were not only cross about this but also a little worried about the fact someone had potentially been on site. Hopefully, having reported this to the police the children have been reassured youtube herunterladen auf pc. All I can say is look out for someone trying to sell a ‘rock’ on eBay! There is never a dull moment at Greatstone School!
Have a good weekend
Mrs Wood