Governing Body

The Governing Body

The Governing Body is the key strategic decision-making body of a school. It is their role to set the school’s strategic framework and to ensure all statutory duties are met.

The Governing Body has three core strategic functions:
Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
Holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance management of staff
Overseeing the financial performance of the School and making sure its money is well spent

Greatstone Primary School is classified as a Foundation School and, therefore, the Governing Body is the Admissions Authority, the Employer of all Staff and the owner of the land and buildings in addition to the normal responsibilities of school governance.

Governing Body meetings are convened six times a year. In order to carry out its duties more efficiently and to ensure the expertise of individual Governors is used in an effective manner, some functions of the Governing Body have been delegated to four sub-committees, Finance, Personnel, Teaching and Learning and Buildings and Grounds, who meet regularly and report back to the full Governing Body. There is also a Strategy Group made up from the Chair of Governors, the Headteacher and the Chairs of each of the four sub-committees.

The Governing Body of Greatstone School and Nursery is comprised of 16 members:

  • 2 Partnership Governors – nominated by parents and appointed by the Governing Body
  • 2 Parent Governors – elected by parents
  • 1 Local Authority Governor – nominated by the Local Authority and appointed by the Governing Body
  • 1 Staff Governor – elected by the School Staff
  • The Headteacher – an ex-officio Governor
  • 9 Co-opted Governors – appointed by the Governing Body

Associate members may vote on committees, if agreed by the Governing Body, but have no voting rights at full Governing Body Meetings.

The Committee is responsible for the oversight of all financial matters, setting the Annual and Three-Year Budget projections, which have to be ratified by the full Governing Body, and sits to consider any recommendations with a financial implication such as building projects, staff payroll amendments, school meal prices etc.

The day to day administration of the School’s financial business is carried out by the Headteacher and the School Administrator. Thanks to their continuing careful management of the allocated budget, Greatstone School continues to be in a healthy financial position. The Governing Body is most appreciative of the high degree of professionalism with which they carry out this difficult task.

The Personnel Committee has been delegated responsibility for all matters relating to human resources, including the appointment, dismissal and redundancy of staff and for the School’s Pay and Rewards Policy. This Committee also has responsibility for Admissions, Appeals and Exclusions. Regular meetings are held during the year to consider a range of employment issues, including reviews of the various Human Resources Policies.

Together with the Headteacher, the Governing Body shares responsibility for ensuring the National Curriculum is taught, for carrying out assessments and for monitoring pupil progress and attainment. This includes making sure that sufficient lesson time is provided for pupils to cover the subject matter prescribed within the National Curriculum and other statutory requirements. It falls to the Teaching and Learning Committee to monitor the progress towards the targets set out in the School Improvement Plan and to reflect on the data contained in the RAISE Online Report, which details the School’s performance in comparison to other schools. The Committee meets six times a year to monitor up-to-date progress and attainment data for each year group. The Committee includes members of the Senior Leadership Team, thereby offering opportunities for closer involvement with evaluation and planning.

It falls to the Teaching & Learning Committee to monitor the progress towards the targets set out in the School Improvement Plan and to reflect on the data contained in the RAISEOnline Report, which details the School’s performance in comparison to other schools. The Committee meets six times a year to monitor up-to-date progress and attainment data for each year group. The Committee includes members of the School Leadership Team, thereby offering opportunities for closer involvement with evaluation and planning. All matters discussed by the Committee are reported to the full Governing Body and, where necessary further discussed at that level.

Current Membership

  • Brian Sullivan – Partnership Governor re-elected 09/02/14 until 08/02/2018 – Chair of Governors, Chair of Personnel Committee, Chair of Teaching & Learning Committee, ex-officio member of Finance Committee. Member of the Strategy Group. School Governor since 1999. National Leader of Governance since 2015. Vice-Chair of Governors at Smeeth CP School. I took early retirement from my teaching career in 1997 owing to a throat condition, having been a Class teacher, Deputy Head, Headteacher, and School Improvement Adviser (PE). Since then, I have worked as an independent Consultant for Physical Education in Primary Schools.
    Vice Chair of Governors at Smeeth Primary School and a Governor at John Mayne C of E Primary School.
    I have an interest in all aspects of education and school governance and take pleasure in working with other Governors in moving the school forward and enabling its success. 
  • Paul Black – Partnership Governor (re-elected 14/10/2014 until 13/10/2018) – Vice Chair, Member of the Finance Committee, Nominated Governor for Buildings and Grounds. Member of the Strategy Group. Governor since 1987. – I have been a Governor at Greatstone Primary School for 29 years this September, both my two daughters, my son, and my four Grandchildren have had the good fortune to attend Greatstone School. During my time on the Governing Body I have served on most of the Governing Body sub committees including, several years as Chairman of Buildings and Grounds, also Chairman of the Finance committee, and as Chairman of the Governing Body for 9 years. I have seen the school evolve over the years from an LEA run school into Grant Maintained and into a foundation school that we are all proud to be involved with now. During my time I have overseen and been involved with many projects such as the Addition of seven extra classrooms as when I became a Governor there were only 5 Classes ! Other projects include, the doubling in size of the School hall, turning the courtyard into the soft play area, installation of a new kitchen, the procurement of the land and construction of the car waiting area, and the addition of a 52 place nursery within the School Grounds. I have been involved with many other projects, including the most recent new office accommodation and reception area. I have seen many changes to the School during my time as a governor and have always enjoyed the new challenges that come along. I continue to be involved with the school as much as possible, but the responsibility that the Local Education authority place on the roll of a voluntary school governor at any school these days is much more demanding than when I started back in 1987.
  • Louise Harkins – Parent Governor – Elected 02/12/14 until 01/12/18  – Member of the Teaching & Learning Committee. Governor since 2014, Link Governor for EYFS
  • Clive Wire – Local Authority Governor Elected 07/10/15 until 06/10/2019 – Member of the Finance Committee and the Personnel Committee. Governor since 2011. Retired  Control Systems EngineerPast Mayor and Chairman of New Romney Town Council – Vice President TS Veteran Sea Cadet Corps – Trustee of New Romney Old School Trust – Committee Member of New Romney Country Fayre Committee.
  • Nicola Wood – Headteacher – ex-officio member of all Committees and the Strategy Group
  • Sam Adam – Co-opted Governor – Elected 10/02/2015 until 09/02/2019 –  Member of Teaching & Learning Committee. member of the Strategy Group. Governor since 2011. An experienced finance professional, who has been a member of the governing body since 2011, and is currently the Chair of the Finance Committee, a member of the Strategy Group and a member of the Teaching & Learning Committee
  • Michel LaRue – Co-opted Governor Elected 09/02/16 until 08/02/2020 – Nominated Governor for Buildings and Grounds. Governor since 2016. – I am an architect by profession. I worked in Local Government in London for forty years, more than thirty of those on buildings for children and young people (nurseries, day centres, schools, youth clubs, etc.). My biggest project was a sixth form college in East London. During my last seven and a half years I acted as a Client Design Advisor within the LB Lambeth Children and Young People Service (CYPS), working as Asset Programme Manager for the Service’s property portfolio. I was a Governor at Thomas Peacocke for fourteen years, during which I helped the College achieve specialist status. I was a Governor at La Sainte Union Voluntary Aided School in Camden for seven years during the time when it went from VA to Foundation status and then back again. 
  • Phil Morgan-John – Co-opted Governor Elected 01/05/2013 until 30/04/2021 – Chair of Finance Committee, Member of Personnel Committee and Teaching & Learning Committee. Governor since 2001.
  • Rachel Sharman – Co-opted Governor Elected 08/05/2013 until 07/05/2021 –  Member of the Teaching & Learning Committee.  I am a professional mum of two children who currently attend Greatstone Primary School. I gained my degree in Environmental Health (BSc Hons) and have 20 years experience in food safety and health and safety, both as an enforcement officer for local authority and as a consultant for commercial clients. Whilst relatively new to Greatstone and the school, we have now been here for 5 years, my strengths include being motivated, proactive and approachable. I see this role as a challenge to support the school, parents and carers to ensure the best possible learning experiences and life skills are provided to all children at Greatstone School. Striving to support the head teacher and senior leadership team in maintaining to remain a good school and to progress to an outstanding school, as outlined by Ofsted requirements.
  • Darren Sharp – Co-opted Governor Elected 17/09/2013 until 16/09/2018 – Nominated Governor for Buildings and Grounds. Governor 2004-2011 and from 2013. I am the School’s Estate Manager and, by virtue of the post, a Nominated Governor for Buildings and Grounds. I have been employed at the School for 22 years and, along with the Maintenance Team and governors, constantly work to improving the facilities and accommodation for the children and staff.
  • Carole Simpson – Co-opted Governor Elected 23/06/2015 until 22/06/2019 Member of the Personnel Committee. I have just completed my first year as a Governor having initially come to Greatstone as a Voluntary Reading Helper with Beanstalk.  I live in St Mary’s Bay having moved here from London on my retirement three years ago.  Prior to retirement I worked in a Lewisham primary school as an administrator for 17 years and was also a Staff Governor.  I hope that my prior experience in the education sector will enable me to play an active and effective role as a member of the Governing Body.
  • Mr Nicolas Brooks  – Elected 09/02/2017  Expires 20/02/21 – Co-Opted Governor. Nick became a Co-opted Governor in 2017.Nick is a former Army Officer who became a Governor at Greatstone School in 2017. Retiring from the Army in 2013, Nick worked overseas in Risk Management for two years, in Dubai Afghanistan, Libya and China, undertaking some interesting projects (and encountering some lucky escapes).Operational experience around the world (coupled with the frustration of sustaining an injury as a volunteer crew member of an RNLI lifeboat) gave Nick cause to think about how we integrate life-skills with life-experience and how people overcome injury and disability in the face of adversity. He spent the next two years teaching life-skills to people with learning disabilities and working with adults with autism within the community.Nick now works as a Children’s Officer within fostering services. He specifically represents children with physical and learning disabilities; seeking to match and place the children within foster-family settings. He also acts as a children’s champion, representing the individual child’s interests in all respects, assisting in giving themselves a voice within their own fostering process and finding new ways to enable children to celebrate their development and wonderful achievements.Nick is also a governor of The Beacon School.
  • Mrs Caroline Allen – Elected 21/12/2016 Expires 20/12/2020 – Parent Governor
  • Mrs Jaclyn Kay – Elected 4/17  Expires 4/21 – Co-opted Governor Associate member
  • Mrs Fiona Roberts – Elected 4/17  Expires 4/21 – Co-opted Governor Associate member
  • Mrs U Wooding – Elected 01/08/01 – Clerk
  • Mrs C Oliver – Elected 23/11/16 Expires 22/11/20 -Staff Governor

Members Resigned since September 2015  

Elaine Warne – Staff Governor, Liza Cayley – Parent Governor, Sarah Challis  – Parent Governor 09/02/16 – 5/16, Neil Powney – Co-opted Governor 12/11/2013 until 21/02/2017, Nicola StaceCo-opted Governor 21/02/18,

The following Governors have Registered Business Interests in relation to the School:

Brian Sullivan – Physical Education Consultant, Swimming Teacher, Vice Chair of Governors at Smeeth Primary School and a Governor at John Mayne C of E Primary School.

Louise Harkins – Partner employed by the School

Nicola Wood – Husband  employed by the School

Nicolas Brooks – A governor of The Beacon School. Partner employed by the School

Paul Black – Daughter Employed by the School

Darren Sharp – Sister employed by the School

In order to ensure the School operates efficiently and to comply with legal obligations, a number of policies and procedures have been put in place. The impact of these policies is monitored and they are reviewed regularly. The Policies currently in place are:

  • Human Resources Safeguarding
  • Pay and Rewards Policy Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy
  • Leave of Absence (Staff) Policy Behaviour Management Policy
  • Managing Sickness Absence Anti-Bullying Policy
  • Appraisal Policy Accidents and Illness Procedures
  • Capability Procedure Physical Intervention Policy
  • Recruitment Policy Use of Mobile Phones/Cameras Policy
  • Staff Induction Policy Confidentiality Policy
  • Staff Development Policy Lost/Uncollected Children Procedures
  • Staff Disciplinary Code/Procedure Whole School Food Policy
  • Whistleblowing Procedure Off-site Visits Procedures
  • Grievance Procedure Policy for the Education of Children in Care
  • Redundancy Procedure Supporting Children with Medical Needs
  • Sex and Relationships Education policy
  • Client Link Health and Safety
  • Admissions Policy Health and Safety policy
  • Attendance and Truancy Policy Manual Handling Policy
  • Home-School Agreement
  • Parents’ Code of Conduct
  • Homework Policy
  • Charging and Remissions Policy
  • Pupil Premium
  • Complaints Procedure
  • Curriculum Complaints Procedure
  • FoI and data Protection Policy
  • Volunteer policy
  • Equality and Cohesion Curriculum
  • Single Equality Policy There is a complete range of Curriculum Policies
  • SEND Policy

Some Policies are available to view on the School website (as required by law), particularly those in the Client Link group and the Sex and Relationships Education Policy. Requests to view copies of other Policies will be given consideration.

Governor Attendance at Meetings 2016-17

Governor Attendance at Meetings 2016-18

CommitteeMeeting DateAttendedApologies
23.11.16 11 3
21.02.17 13 3
29.03.17 13 4
25.05.17 13 4
05.07.17 15 3
 21.03.18 15 1
Teaching and Learning19.10.1670
05.12.16 6 1
01.02.178 1
08.03.17 9 1
22.03.17 5 3
16.01.17 8 1
15.05.17 6 2