Fabulous news

Our fabulous news this week was our Herald Cup win. The Herald Cup is an annual football tournament played between Shepway schools. We have won the cup a few times before and this week made an excellent start to the competition with a 10-1 victory against Lydd gratisen fotobewerkingsprogramma. Both teams played very well and should be commended for their sportsmanship. Next week Thursday, we shall play Stella Maris, again at home, KO 3.45pm bluefire fehler beim herunterladen.

Can I ask that you don’t send children to class with any medication, particularly painkillers and that any medication comes to the school office thank you Download apps for windows 10.

Sadly I had an angry neighbour contact me. They are very concerned about the unsavoury waste that is being thrown into their gardens at the top of the road herunterladen. This is mainly nappies and wipes as well as old food wrappers. It has to come from our parents as we are the only people that park in this waiting area deutsche lieder kostenlosen. Please can we be a little more considerate?

I know there has been a great deal of hype in the press regarding specific online safety issues photoshop cs6 kostenlos downloaden. I did send a parentmail out earlier in the week with links to how to keep your child safe when they are accessing the internet. If an issue is raised by a child in school then we talk to the child directly and do our best to answer questions and concerns they may have amazon app herunterladen 15 euro gutschein. Unfortunately, this week, their concerns have been exacerbated by older siblings who have talked at home about this one particular app. It is our policy to educate the children in keeping themselves safe online and our curriculum reflects this cad symbole download kostenlos. By the same token, if at home you are happy for your child to access certain sites and apps, that may not be age appropriate, and have provided them with devices to do so, then you too have that responsibility sims 2 can be downloaded for free. I am happy to support you with this and am therefore considering an information sharing evening in school on this topic for parents and carers.

Finally, may I ask that all attendance is reported to the school office herunterladen. We do have an answer phone system to take messages and they are checked first thing, before we make any call outs. You can also notify absence on Parentmail. Unfortunately, given the busy nature of their job, teachers are not always able to check Dojo messages at the beginning of the day so an absence reported on here may go unchecked.

Coming up next week…we have many exciting activities planned for book week, although no dressing up…we are saving that for Comic Relief, there’s only so much we can expect!

Have a good weekend.

Mrs Wood